At Leisure

Mens Leisurewear

Our casual and smart casual departments offer a complete lifestyle collection.

We select our collections from the very best International lifestyle brands for men

Colour, freshness and sportiness: these attributes wet the appetite

What ever the occasion we cover it with the very best names in menswear such as:-

  • Gant
  • Digel
  • Brax
  • Venti
  • Calvin Klein
  • J shoes
  • Eton
  • Casa Moda
  • Azor
  • H By Hudson
  • Eterna
  • Bugatti

Authentic and iconic….present a one-of-a-kind of the menswear that is stylish, timeless and appeals to all generations of men.

Steven’s attitude to this is ‘you only live once and you only have a few nights out that are amazing so you don’t want to look okay, you want to look great, and that is the customer we’re catering for.’